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Take control of your humidor

A cigar is alive when it arrives in your humidor. It therefore requires we respect certain rules to continue to improve and allow it to reveal the best of its aromas.

In addition to the relative humidity and temperature, it is the regularity of these parameters that are key. We have all overlooked checking the measurements of our humidor at least 1 time. It is after this kind of oversight that a group of passionate cigar aficionados and engineers have created this all-in-one device that will allow you to keep a direct link with your cigar cabinet.

Once installed, you can keep track of your temperature and humidity levels wherever you are on your mobile. You will be notified automatically when values approach the limits and a top-up of moisture is needed. The Cigsor application also warns you of the need to ventilate your humidor at a frequency that you have personally defined. A wonderful gadget for a 21st century smoker!

Cigsor, Finition classic black : CHF 199.-