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Grauer Journal

january 2018 House of Grauer

Trinidad La Trova (LCDH)

Presented at the 19th Habanos Festival, the Trinidad La Trova, is a magnificent cigar rolled with the best tobacco of the Vuelta Abajo.

Chic for the Mountains!

If there is a place where your cigars are put to the test, it is Winter in the mountains. Fallon offers efficient and trendy cigar cases for the most discerning of Winter pursuit enthusiasts.

Coronation of Cuban art

The painting «Coronation of Cuban art» depicts the chronicles of a Cuban artist. Ciro Quintana begins this series in 2013. This particular painting of 78 x 96 inches is a part of the transition period in his work when he assembles the images of a more classical style inspired by the European old masters and the symbols of neo pop.