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Coronation of Cuban art

The painting «Coronation of Cuban art» depicts the chronicles of a Cuban artist. Ciro Quintana begins this series in 2013. This particular painting of 78 x 96 inches is a part of the transition period in his work when he assembles the images of a more classical style inspired by the European old masters and the symbols of neo pop culture starting with iconic images of American pop like Wonder Woman. In this case, at the bottom right hand corner of the painting, he replaces those symbols with another more local iconic figure wearing a typically Cuban bonnet with the colors of the national flag; tied to a buoy floating in the middle of the rough sea struggling for survival symbolizing this time that Cuban culture will always survive.

Ciro Quintana

Coronation of Cuban art


250 x 197 cm

Huile sur toile

CHF 16’000.- 

For more information, contact us at +41 22 552 2799