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Gitana Con Paisaje y Rio

Although this pretty country girl is portrayed with softness, her attitude reveals a strong willful look about her. The watercolor on paper adds a translucent feel to her skin.

However, the piercing dark eyes and the black hair as well as the red scarf around her shoulders bring strength to the work. The blue sky and green pastures absorb all the heat from the sun’s white light which is suggested on the hilly horizon.

The house under the palm tree and the horizontal curved wall which divides the composition into two clear planes adds an interesting perspective to the 4-tiered scene:
the hills, the house, the wall and the tree all topped by the close-up portrait of the girl.
This modern day composition almost resembles an early “selfie”.


Gitana con paisaje y rio

Circa 1950, La Habana

Aquarelle sur papier

42 cm x 35 cm

CHF 42’000.-

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