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For Valentine's Day, discover "The Smoked Collection", the marriage of three intoxicating flavors brought together in a single box. The House of Grauer has developed a new range of chocolates in collaboration with a Swiss master chocolatier.

Expose your palate to an adventure of discovery with three unique ‘Smoked’ ganache chocolates, Cigar, Whiskey and Tea. This journey begins with a black tea chocolate, the prestigious Lapsang Souchong from China with notes of smoked wood. We continue on our way with a stopover in Scotland for an intense chocolate, flavored with Laphroaig 10 years old whiskey that stands out with  its strong peaty character.

Last but not least, the journey climaxes with a delicious infusion of a Cuban cigar that will surprise you with the romantic union of sweetness and spice.
To taste with your favorite puro!

Box of 18 chocolates : CHF 65.-
Box of 60 chocolates: CHF 110.-

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