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Cave de paille saison I, II & III

The limited edition Saison 1 is inspired by the growing tobacco leaf, harvested at the perfect moment: GREEN, RICH AND FULL OF LIFE.
It’s the season where the tobacco is bathed in sunlight, full of energy and strength, it’s the season when the tobacco leaf is ready to be cut and harvested.

Lison de Caunes starts by tinting the batch of straw herself to obtain a unique green/bronze shade.
Then, when Lison herself thinks it is ready, each batch of straw is applied in a linear way on a flat surface.

She then cuts it using a metal shape like that of half a leaf.
Remaking the full leaves, she positions them on the humidor before applying them.

It makes each piece unique, like a new plant growing.


Experience the highest level of craftsmanship with the Davidoff Masterpiece Humidor “Lison de Caunes - Saison 2”.
Aged cigar wrappers and their infinite amount of shades within the same colour.

Thousands of strips of straw are utilised to dress one humidor. Each straw is cut to length, hand-flattened with tools made of bone and then trimmed and applied side by side onto a piece of paper.
Lison uses a custom-made bronze mould to shape the straw for her creation. 

She then builds the design straw-by-straw combining shapes and graphic lines to create the effect of depth
Lison de Caunes uses straw to form geometric and organic patterns that draw on the distinctive shapes of cigars and the rich colours of premium tobaccos aged until they are at their prime.

Fifteen months of working


The inspiration for Cave de Paille began with the growing plant in Saison 1 and then moved through to the cigar wrapper in Saison 2.
The cycle is now completed with the cigar and its ash in Saison 3.
At the heart of this piece are creation and reward, the time to craft and the time to enjoy.

Saison 3 marks the transformation of tobacco and straw into ash.
This mineral is the very element nurturing young plants to start a new cycle.
Subtle colour tones from charcoal to intense black are balanced and interlaced in straw.

This fluid and hypnotic result is particularly difficult to achieve in marquetry.

CAVE DE PAILLE SAISON I CHF 20’000.- (10 pieces made worldwide)

CAVE DE PAILLE SAISON II CHF 21’500.- (10 pieces made worldwide)

CAVE DE PAILLE SAISON III CHF 21’500.- (20 pieces made worldwide)


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