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Art of Line Humidors "Body of Women"

This highly individualistic humidor is manufactured as a "registered model", with just 25 copies made. It highlights femininity in all its splendor. Imagined by the artist V.M. Cimburek, this woman's trunk is highly practical, an original cigar humidor with two levels at the top for different pocket accessories such as your matches or your cigar cutter.

As for the other ten storage units, they are drawers for your vitolas of all sizes ranging from Half Corona to Double Corona. The humidor can hold up to 50 cigars.

Each drawer is perforated to let air and moisture circulate. Two humidifiers are placed in the trunk, the first in the base and two small in the central part, so the humidity is homogeneous whatever the level your cigars are stored.

V.M. CIMBUREK – Art of Line Humidors «Body of Women» (l30 x h40 cm) NO. 21/25: CHF 9'200.-

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