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Daniel Moevus: Manufacturer of exceptional boxes

It was in 1984 that Daniel Moevus founded the cabinetmaking and art cabinetry workshop that bears his name. He was the origin of the reputation of "Master case" that always has been the company ethos thanks to his desire for perfection, renewed over many years.
It is thanks to this impetus that Moevus serves the biggest names in luxury, in France and abroad, in the field of cigars, fine jewelry and “haute horlogerie”.

Behind every innovation, a craftsman of art has expressed himself.
In their workshop, each craftsman expresses the pinnacle of their art, often for many years. Everyone shares as a team the passion of their job. They allow each potential to be expressed and thus to innovate, preserve and nurture human engagement.

Today's innovation will be the tradition of tomorrow.
To enable them to offer the most outstanding achievements, they are committed to using state-of-the-art equipment. They do not hesitate to think outside the box to create the dreams of their customers, while preserving the craftsmanship of their work. The mastery of a great diversity of materials allows them to combine within the same project the natural and technical materials.
They place a lot of emphasis on finishing. Specialized in the art of lacquering, they repeat traditional gestures and mixes with the most technological processes to embellish and decorate surfaces. In this way they create an exceptional tactile relationship with the boxes they manufacture.

Marquetry as decors of polymorphous Art.
Marquetry is a decoration made with wood veneers and many other materials: from mother-of-pearl to metal to carbon, tobacco leaf or the most prestigious textiles such as silk. It requires unique craftsmanship ability. The Artisan expresses through this art his sensitivity and expertise to give birth to real masterpieces.

Cabinetmaking is the Art of giving wood essences their nobility.
The wood is a living being that expresses itself according to the conditions in which it has grown: temperature, humidity, richness and the quality of its soils. Each veneer should be treated respecting its origins, strength and fragility, color and patterns. Our role is to restore its soul.
They always use high quality raw materials and ensure respecting of the highest international environmental standards.

The perfection of the object lies in the meticulous attention to detail.

It gives a fundamental place to the finishing of our products: The beauty and the precision of the hinges, the cushioning "air cushion" of the closing of our lids and the perfection of the cladding are the three essential points of their expertise.

DANIEL MOEVUS Art Collection 75 cigars Inlay Cuba: CHF 2'100.-
DANIEL MOEVUS Art Collection 75 cigars Pinup: CHF 2'100.-
DANIEL MOEVUS Master Collection 8/10 cigars Carbon keyboard: CHF 1'200.-
DANIEL MOEVUS Master Collection 60/75 cigars Red Lacquer: CHF 1'450.-
DANIEL MOEVUS Master Collection 60/75 cigars Macassar Matt: CHF 1'350.-

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