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Bolívar Soberano Edición Limitada 2018

Bolívar Soberano is the second limited edition of Habanos S.A. for 2018.

The hand-picked tobacco leaves come from the world's best tobacco producing region, Vuelta Abajo in Cuba. This cigar has undergone a maturing process of nine months after its production, which allows it to lose excess ammonia and brings this balanced taste characteristic of limited editions.
This Vitola is a "Duke" (54x140mm). This format was used for the first time in 2009 with the Duke, Edición Limitada of Romeo y Julieta and it has already entered the standard list of the brand Partagás as Serie E no. 2.
That's enough to satisfy fans of the brand or cigars with strong character! The wood and leather notes awaken your palate from the beginning of the cigar. The aromatic explosion is then on the earthy side which is the signature of the brand and a rare treat on a cigar barely out of the factory. A truly great success!

First experiences prior to lighting, we can perceive notes of wood, spices, and leather but also vegetal flavours probably due to its young age.

From the start, it is very expressive and offers us a beautiful deployment of intensity. The first third is peppered from the first puffs. Some notes of toasted coffee and a fine bitterness of nuts appear.

In the second third, the tasting is rhythmic and balanced. The aromas that Soberano offer us are rich and faithful to those perceived unlit. Fresh notes of green pepper, wood and spices unfold. The leather brings an animal character to the cigar and the vegetable aromas enchant our palate in a perfect balance. Beautiful harmony of flavours, all blend beautifully and offer a creamy touch to this cigar as a tonic!

The end is explosive, pungent, almost intoxicating.

In conclusion, Bolívar offers us, with this Edición Limitada, a nice surprise for this end of the year 2018. Indeed, the Soberano is already promising and no doubt has a strong future as a cigar to keep for years to come.

BOLIVAR Soberano - Edición Limitada 2018 - Box of 10: CHF 280.- (CHF 28.-/ST)
Vitola: Duke (54 X 140 mm)

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