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Eaux-de-vie of Alex Paccot

If there is a reputation that has no more to achieve it is that of Alex Paccot, who has the intransigence and the demands for the "Passion". Using only the finest fruits, he achieves beautifully balanced nectars, on the palate as on the nose.

Balance, subtle scents, tastes, purity - an artisanal production that the connoisseurs and sommeliers of the finest restaurants of the region (2 and 3 stars) is well established. He is an uncompromising perfectionist who with his still extracts the finest fruits.

A "Maestro" who discreetly heats, distills, divides (head, heart, and tail), reduce, filters, and first takes in the perfumes of the distillate before processing to the final tasting and verdict. Nothing but the nose he knows in advance of the result, as soon as he receives the fruits, he knows.

He shares his years of experience, advice on the tasting temperature, the time it will take the distillate, once bottled, to reach its peak of flavours. If you want to discuss with Alex Paccot however you will have to move to Féchy, an enchanting destination and well worth the trip!

For him, the objective of his distillates is to provoke the same emotion, to have the same sensation and aromas when one crunches into a fruit to when one sips his brandy, and never to forget that nature remains unpredictable and that everything depends on the craft.

EAUX-DE-VIE OF ALEX PACCOT: Different cuvees available from CHF 40.-

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