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Grauer Ashtray in Obsidian

Born in the fire of volcanoes four million years ago, Obsidian is a dark-coloured stone, associated with esoteric rites. It is considered to be the stone of equilibrium possessing multiple properties and stimulating great life energy. Obsidian’s qualities and origins of fire and ash were the source of inspiration when creating the Grauer Ashtray.

This exceptional piece fits perfectly in the luxurious cigar universe and will protect you against negative energies during your tastings. The craftsmen of cub-ar in partnership with The House of Grauer have put all the expertise and knowledge to create this ashtray, cut in a single piece and hand-polished to let the light shine through it. Coarse in appearance, very masculine, it will delicately welcome up to five cigars featuring special spots carved directly in the mass.

CUB-ART Grauer Création - Ashtray 5 cigars in Obsidian - Limited edition of 22 copies:
CHF 950.-
Weight: variable from 2.6 kg to 4 kg

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