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The Domaine de Chambleau

Neuchâtel’s terroirs and Family spirit.

Owned by the Burgat family since 1950, the Domaine de Chambleau in Colombier continues to evolve, grow and expand under the impetus of the various generations. This is done to highlight the beautiful terroir Neuchâtelois.

A Who’s Who of the Family:

- Paul-Henri, "the pioneer", revives the estate's vineyards from 1950 to 1974.
Henri-Louis, "the visionary", quickly planted Pinot Noir and convinced his peers to limit harvests to improve quality, he ran the estate from 1974 to 2000.
- Louis-Philippe and his wife Valérie, take over the running in 2001.
- Charlotte and Penelope, their two daughters, who lent their names to two vintages of the Estate. You may already have met Charlotte a few years ago at Domaine Grand'Cour in Peissy where she was training to join the Changin school, which she has now completed.

The approach of Louis-Philippe Burgat and his entire team, is part of a desire to optimize the quality of crops whilst having the least environmental impact possible.

- Limitation of the harvest.
- Manual harvesting and double grape sorting.

- Wine storage in oak barrels, of 228 litres, for the wines to keep, from 12 to 24 months.

Sustainable development:
- Reasoned production, grassy vineyard favouring soil life, biodiversity and the development of useful auxiliaries against vine pests. The Chambleau grape has been VINATURA certified since 1993.
- Since 2009, the Domaine de Chambleau has been offering a wine made from a new grape, the Solaris, which is resistant to diseases of the vine. This variety allows to cultivate the vine without any treatment.
- The rainwater, collected on the roof of the Domaine, is used to cool the fermenting tanks.
- The transparent walls of the cellar, facing north, allow to work without electric light during the day.
- The wooden packaging and cartons that dress the Domaine's wines are produced in the Neuchâtel region, in a protected workshop.

The visit of the Domaine de Chambleau is a beautiful walk where magnificent tastings are led by the Masters of the House. This is a lost place in the vineyards, where one does not come by chance.

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