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Vegueros Especiales No.1 Vintage 2001

 In the shadow of Cohiba's Lanceros, and yet ...

Traditionally farmers in the Cuban region of Vuelta Abajo make cigars by themselves. The Vegueros brand was founded in 1996, honoring countless generations of farmers in Pinar del Rio. The intense blend of this tobacco corresponds to the taste of the locals. The production was stopped in 2012. Then in 2013, Habanos S.A. relaunched the Vegueros brand by creating 3 new sizes, adorned with new bands. A worldwide success. According to some rumors, Vegueros Especiales No.1 would be a “country-style” version of Cohiba's Lanceros.

For an 18 years-old cigar, this laguito No.1 is in excellent condition. Its wrapper is oily and faintly ribbed, and its elongated look gives it an imposing presence worthy of famous diplomatic gifts. Vegueros Especiales No.1 is light aroma, bringing hints of chocolate and cinnamon. Today, at the contrary to when it came out, it could be a morning cigar.

When lit, it develops flavors of white pepper with freshness of black pepper; in addition, scents of wood and nuts blends perfectly into the background. Cedar notes rapidly become more intense and spicy aromas join in.

Once the cigar is launched, dried fruits are perceived, the hint being discrete and constant at the same time. The whole is savoury, and considering the age of the cigar, it is rich in flavors.

The divine is perfectly balanced, all the aromas are in harmony. Roasted notes are revealed as the cigar reaches its apexPepper is more present, it brings almost vegetal and menthol touches, and there is also a hint of cocoa and cream. Then comes pleasure and roundness. The old tobacco reduces the ammonia and gives way to more subtle flavors, such as coffee-cream notes with a sweet side: originally this cigar, as well as the full range of the brand’s cigars at that time, was strong and rustic.

The final is intense, delivering more woody and spicy notes. The pungent touch on the tongue is impressive and satiating, the authentic taste of Vegueros of yesteryear is back. We travel to Cuba of August 2001 and the whole identity of the cigar hits us. Opulent and intense as it is, it could burn our lips.

VEGUEROS Especiales No.1 - Vintage 2001 - Box of 25 - Public price: CHF 440.- (or CHF 17.60/ST) / Grauer Resident price: CHF 330.-
Vitola: Laguito No.1 (38 X 192 mm)

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