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The Domaine des Muses

Robert Taramarcaz, winemaker, poet and artist.

Nestled in the heart of Valais, not far from Sierre, is the Domaine des Muses, founded in 1992 by Nicole and Louis Taramarcaz. 10 years later, their son Robert took the lead of these 9 hectares and favors since a model of culture which combines the quality of the grape with the harmony of the landscape.

Before becoming the talented winemaker he is today, Robert Taramarcaz followed a path that made him travel to Switzerland, New Zealand, and France in Burgundy, where he will get his National Diploma of Oenology, in anticipation of his return to Valais.

Since 2002, he has been managing viticulture and oenology work on the family estate with his parents. For over fifteen years now, each wine from the Domaine des Muses has won many exceptional awards in Switzerland and abroad. Its know-how is now recognized throughout the country and is well appreciated beyond our borders. Moreover, eleven of his wines, out of different grape varieties, received a mention in "Best Of 2012" of the famous Guide Parker. This mention is unique and represents a great first for Swiss wines!

Robert Taramarcaz is passionate about art and theater in particular. He has also interpreted various roles on the stage like that of Dominique, the shepherd, in Marcel Pagnol's "The Baker’s Wife". Thus, for some years, he organizes the "Festival of Muses" each end of summer at the foot of the hills of Pintset in Granges. The objective is to present, for a weekend and in the heart of the vineyard, the wines of the Domaine des Muses from a more artistic point of view. These shows and tastings highlight a new line of wines coming from noble varieties of Valais, dedicated to the Muses of mythology. These three blends vinified in barrels are true declarations of love to the Muses...

DOMAINE DES MUSES: Different cuvees available from CHF 30.-

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