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Izambar «Welles»

The art of a unique and authentic object!

Edmond Dantès, founder of the Izambar brand defines himself as a "passionate lover of beautiful cigars". Graphic designer and interior designer for more than twenty years, he felt the desire to develop his own cigar boxes two years ago. He wanted a humidor that corresponded to him, a true decorative object made out of modern materials. After numerous sketches and prototypes, the cigar box "Welles" was created: the Izambar brand was born. Today, his passion for beautiful wrappers combines with his profession.

Izambar is above all the art of a unique and authentic object, one that will sublimate and preserve your cigars throughout your life. They are true heritage of the amateur you are!

The humidor "Welles" is much more than just a humidor. It enjoys a modern design and has all the qualities required to keep your precious cigars at the right hygrometry thanks to high-quality materials. Oukoumé, an African tree species, resembling to Spanish cedar, nowadays protected, was chosen for the inner coating. This choice is a part of an ecological approach, respectful of the environment. The bottom of this cigar box is luminescent. Each time you open a door, you can admire your wrappers lit up with an oblique glow. The exterior of this art piece has benefited from all the know-how and creativity of Edmond Dantès! In fact, the humidor is entirely covered with more than 2,200 Cuban cigar bands, each applied by hand. The door has a chrome porthole, a hygrometer and a precision thermometer. This unique piece is supported by three polished stainless steel legs.

Some may see it as a safe or perhaps as a UFO fallen from the sky, or as a Jules Verne submarine, others may perceive it as a "cyborg"- like temple guardian perched from the top on its three stainless steel legs...

IZAMBAR Welles Anillas - Unique piece - Public price: CHF 9’900.- / Grauer Resident price: CHF 7’425.-

  • Weight: 45 kg
  • Capacity: up to 300 vitolas
  • Dimension: L76 cm x H160 cm x P54 cm
  • Feature: CigarSpa Electronic Humidification System

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