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La Perla-Cubana box of 25 Coronas

In 1946, Cuban cigars for American soldiers!

The origin of this box dates back to the Second World War. It was intended for the G.I., the nickname given to US soldiers in reference to the inscription "Galvanized Iron" on all metal objects owned by the US military. Produced by a cigar factory located in Pinar del Rio with a subsidiary in New York, these "Coronas Claros Aromaticos" were distributed in cooperative stores (the famous PX) reserved for American soldiers.

Each of the 25 cigars is individually wrapped in silk paper, as the Fonseca brand still does. These are held together by a satin ribbon of a royal blue color. On the outside of the box there is a seal of guarantee, different from the one of that time, that attests the authenticity of the box and its origin: Pinar del Río - Vuelta Abajo. There is another amazing caption on the box: "For Consumption outside the U.S. Penalty for Fraudulent Relands in the U.S.".

No information allows us to suggest the number of boxes that were produced. This item contains cigars of exceptional state of conservation, which have outlived the War. This piece of history is to be shared with a dear friend.

LA PERLA-CUBANA CORONAS - Box of 25 Coronas Claros from 1946
Vitola: Coronas (42 x 142 mm)

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