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Torcido exclusivamente para Suiza

2005-2019: back in time to thirteen years of regional editions!

Introduced for the first time in 2005, regional editions are limited series for a country or a group of countries. They are usually produced by the least known brands of Habanos. Ten international brands such as Cohiba, Montecristo or even Partagás and niche brands such as Cuaba, San Cristobal de la Habana and Trinidad are excluded from these series. Thus, there remain seventeen "local" and "multi-local" brands for these regional editions. As these brands are not promoted globally, regional editions have been considered as an ideal marketing method to promote them.

All regional editions are based on brand-specific blends. The only difference is in the size of the vitola. Generally these are particular modules, which have never been available for the brand before or which are no longer on the list of its regular catalog.

Each regional edition is launched by a local distributor. Some of them decide to reissue a regional edition as it happened in Switzerland, where the Punch Robusto was produced in 2005 with a great success and then re-produced again in 2007.

Cigars in a regional edition are dressed with a double band. The main band is usually the one that comes on standard vitolas of the brand, but can also be a replica of an old band used in the past.

However, the first regional editions that appeared on the market, as the Ramón Allones Eminencia Edición Regional Suiza in 2005, did not bear a second band.

Since then, a second red and silver band with the caption "Exclusivo" followed by the name of the region in Spanish, is today a true symbol of the regional editions. This second band is also placed on the corner of the box as for limited editions.

In 2013 a special humidor was released comprising all the regional editions since 2005. Produced in twenty pieces only, each of them individually numbered, the Combinaciones Humidor Exclusivo Suiza 2013 is a true masterpiece for collectors. Each humidor is signed by Mr. Silver Gmür, a former CEO, and Mr. Martin Weber, vice-director of Intertabak AG, the importer and official distributor of Habanos in Switzerland. It contains 44 cigars representing all Swiss regional editions (two sticks of each, organised by year of production) released between 2005 and 2012.

These humidors were entirely made in Switzerland by local craftsmen from cedar and precious wood from Cuba. Since then, other "Exclusivo Suiza" cigars have appeared on the market.

Back in time to different vintages, year by year:

• Punch Robusto, a Robustos (50 x 124 mm), 1,200 boxes of 25
• Ramón Allones Eminencia, a Franciscos (44 x 143 mm), 1,200 boxes of 25

2006: (No Swiss regional edition)

• Punch Robusto, a Robustos (50 x 124 mm), 1,200 boxes of 25
• Ramón Allones Eminencia, a Franciscos (44 x 143 mm), 1,200 boxes of 25

• Bolívar Legendarios, a Dobles (50 x 155 mm), 2,430 boxes of 25
• Juan López Maximos, a Hermosos No.2 (48 x 157 mm), 2,550 boxes of 25

• Por Larrañaga Valiosos, a Pirámides (52 x 156 mm), 2,000 boxes of 25
• Punch Poderosos, a Sublimes (54 x 164 mm), 2,400 boxes of 25

• La Gloria Cubana Triunfos, a Magnum 50 (50 x 160 mm), 2,400 boxes of 25
• El Rey del Mundo Elegantes, a Gorditos (50 x 141 mm), 2,400 boxes of 25

• Punch Clasicos, a 109 (50 x 184 mm), 4,000 boxes of 10
• Ramón Allones Especiales, a Mágicos (52 x 115 mm), 1,200 boxes de 25

2012: (Starting from 2012 Habanos established a limit of one regional edition per year and also per brand.)
• Vegas Robaina Petit Unicos, a Petit Belicosos (52 x 125 mm), 5,000 boxes of 10

• Combinaciones Humidor Exclusivo Suiza 2013
• Bolívar Presidente, a Geniales (54 x 150 mm), 5,000 boxes of 10

• Ramón Allones Perfectos, a Británicas Extra (48 x 137 mm), 5,000 boxes of 10

• Punch Supremos, a Sobresalientes (53 x 153 mm), 5,000 boxes of 10

• Juan López Eminentes, a Sublimes (54 x 164 mm), 6,000 boxes of 10

• Sancho Panza Valientes, a Montesco (55 x 130 mm), 6,000 boxes of 10

• La Gloria Cubana Orgullosos, a 109 (50 x 184 mm), 6,000 boxes of 10

While looking forward to get to know this year’s novelty, you can discover all the Swiss regional editions since 2005 as well as the Exclusivo Suiza Humidor 2013 at The House of Grauer.

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