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S.T. Dupont Défi Extrême

A lighter capable of defying the elements.

Défi Extrême is an object in which innovative design is combined with ultimate performance. A powerful lighter capable of defying the elements, withstanding winds up to 40 km/h and remaining effective at extreme temperatures and altitudes.

Its renowned, dynamic and masculine design is a real symbol of high performance. Its unique metal conception combines a die-cast metal body and a highly resistant semi-rigid protective cover. Its intuitive ergonomics and tactile features with the diamond-shaped decor make it a daily lighter, well-functioning in all circumstances. The body has a transparent gas level gauge with red graduations. Its blue torch flame, powerful and uniform, withstands the strongest winds. Défi Extrême is efficient at the coldest (-10°C) as well as at the warmest temperatures (+45°C) and can operate at an altitude of over 3500 m while other lighters remain ineffective there.

Thanks to the Défi Extrême, the French company S.T. Dupont is once again illustrating the innovation and performance of its lighters by offering a contemporary design in elegant colors and robust shapes.

S.T. DUPONT Défi Extrême - Different finishes available - Public price: CHF 820.- / Grauer Resident price: CHF 615.-

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