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The Bolívar cigars

One of the strongest and most full-bodied Habanos, inspired by the personality of a hero: Simón Bolívar.

The Bolívar brand was founded in 1902 by a Spanish entrepreneur based in Havana, who wanted to pay tribute to a great historical figure of the nineteenth century: Simón Bolívar. A prominent general and a brilliant politician, Simón Bolívar made a major contribution of the liberation of South American countries that at that time were under the Spanish rule.

Bolívar cigars are among the strongest and most full-bodied Habanos. They embody a great personality of this hero particularly well. Offering incredibly rich flavours, the Bolívar vitolas are extremely popular among experienced smokers.

Based since its beginnings at the Partagás factory in the very heart of Havana, the Bolívar’s production has always been uninterrupted and of high quality. Today, due to the increase in demand, not all Bolívar cigars are manufactured at the Partagás factory, however, it still remains the main factory of the brand.

The brand’s regular catalog now offers six vitolas, all made "Totalmente a Mano con Tripa Larga" with tobacco leaves from the region of Vuelta Abajo.

In addition to its regular production, Bolívar has been offering special productions since 2002. One of the first is the Bolívar 100 Aniversario humidor. As its name suggests, it was produced to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the brand. This LCDH exclusivity (La Casa del Habanois limited to 200 copies and contains 50 Belicosos Finos (Campanas 52 x 140 mm) and 50 Hermosos No.4 (Hermosos No.4 48 x 127mm), all dressed with a double band.

A few years later, in 2009, another special production was created. Initiated by Fifth Avenue Products Trading, the exclusive distributor of Cuban cigars in Germany, Austria and Poland, the 5ta Avenida jar (Edición Regional Alemania) was produced in 600 copies. When launching this jar, the 5th Avenue Products Trading played a role of a true fore-runner. Actually, the peculiarity is that for the first time the brand and the cigar’s format were chosen by German aficionados. At the end of a poll of more than 1,100 votes in total, the result was the Bolívar 5ta Avenida, a 109 (50 x 184 mm).

Then, in 2011, another jar appeared, this time made exclusively for China: the jar Bolívar Distinguidos Edición Regional China. Produced in limited edition of 2'010 copies, it commemorates the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Cuba and China and is also decorated with the flags of both countries.

Finally, more recently, Bolívar has presented a jar, which is limited to 3,000 copies, each of them individually numbered, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the 5th Avenue. This special jar contains 25 Belicosos Finos

To learn more about Bolívar Cigars and the history of the brand, we are delighted to invite you to our Art and Culture area, where you will find exclusive pieces - the bofetón as well as the coupons of the creation of the brand. You will also discover the printing plates, vistas and collector’s items from Bolívar's special productions.

(Some pieces are available for sale, others are from our private collection)

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