Cohiba Robusto Year of The Pig

8+8 Robustos to celebrate Chinese New Year 2019.

On February 5 China celebrated the Chinese New Year entering the Year of the Pig. This year again Cohiba pays tribute to this event with a limited edition of 3,000 individually numbered boxes. Made exclusively for the Spanish market, the Cohiba Robusto Año del Cerdo succeeds Cohiba Mágicos and Secretos Maduro 5 Año del Perro of 2018 (year of the dog).

Each box is covered in a black lacquer that accentuates the golden decoration. Inside it 16 Robustos are arranged on two levels (8 + 8), 8 being the lucky number for the Chinese.

The vitola chosen by Cohiba for this limited edition is the Robusto (50 x 124 mm), which is a part of the brand’s regular production. The peculiarity of these cigars is that they have been aged for 8 years. To differentiate them visually, these exclusive Robustos bear a second personalized black and gold band with an icon of a pig stamped with Chinese characters which can also be found on the box.

About the brand:

Cohiba is a post-Revolution brand, created in 1966. However, its origins date back to 1963, when Bienvenido Pérez, the chief of Fidel Castro's after-revolution guards, offered him a "fuma" (a rolled cigar for personal use) rolled by his friend Torcedor, Eduardo Rivera, working at the La Corona factory in Havana.

Fidel Castro was immediately seduced by this cigar and asked the Torcedor to produce some more in order to offer them to the high-level national and foreign government officials and, of course, for his personal consumption. Thus, in 1964, a small cigar factory in the hinterland was designated to take over the production of these cigars, which would later become a Laguito No.1. In 1966, in a discussion between Bienvenido Pérez and his assistant, the word "Cohiba" was evoked to name this vitola. It pays a tribute to the Taïnos, Amerindian ethnic group that populated Cuba at the time of Christopher Columbus, and that was how they called the cigars they smoked. After that, the production of Cohiba cigars was transferred to an old diplomatic villa of the 1920s: El Laguito. Several years later, the first Cohiba cigar bands appeared on its vitolas.

Today, Cohiba is one of the most coveted and prestigious cigars brands in the world.

All Cohiba vitolas are rolled "Totalmente a Mano with Tripa Larga" with a long filler made of the best tobacco leaves from the region of Vuelta Abajo. The Seco and Ligero filler leaves undergo a third exclusive fermentation. This very special process gives unique aromas and flavors that are chararcteristic for Cohiba vitolas.

The brand now offers four different lines: the Linea Classica, introduced in 1989, made up of three cigars (Espléndidos, Exquisitos and Robustos), the Línea 1492, introduced in 1992, consisting of six vitolas (Siglo I, II, III, IV, V, VI, each bearing the name of a century since the discovery of the Americas by Christopher Columbus), the line Maduro 5, introduced in 2007, composed of three cigars (Genios, Mágicos and Secretos) and the line Behike (BHK), introduced in 2010, consists of three cigars (Behike 52, 54, 56).

The Cohiba brand was also the first one to introduce a Reserva edition in 2002 and a Gran Reserva in 2009, made with tobacco leaves aged for at least 3 and 5 years respectively.

COHIBA Robusto Year of The Pig - Box de 16 (8+8)
Vitola: Robusto (54 x 124 mm)

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