Cuaba 20 Aniversario

A humidor for the 20 years of the brand specializing in Figurados!

As the name suggests, this commemorative humidor was specially designed to mark the 20th anniversary of Cuaba but also the 25th anniversary of the Casa del Habano shop network. It is entirely hand-made from Cuban wood species by local craftsmen. Its design incorporates an allusion to the discovery of tobacco and the brand’s origin. Indeed, a quote from Christopher Columbus is engraved on the cigar drawer: "Iban siempre los hombres with a tizón en las manos", which in English means "Men were always with a brand in their hands". Christopher Columbus was the first European to mention the word "Cuaba" in his diary when he arrived in the "New World".

Produced in limited edition of 50 numbered items, Cuaba 20 Aniversario is exclusively intended for the network of shops "Casa del Habano".

Inside, there are 50 Joffres Grandes (56 x 170 mm), a Figurado whose construction seems perfect, specially selected by Habanos S.A. for the occasion. They are dressed with a specific band on which you can read "20 Aniversario".

About the brand:

Cuaba is the first brand launched after Cohiba that was created in 1982. Cuaba, like Cohiba, is an Indian word used by the Tainos and noted down by Christopher Columbus when arriving in Cuba in 1492. It was used to describe an easily flammable wooden stick that the Tainos carried in their hands to light up their Cojiba (Cohiba).

The brand specializes in the creation of cigars of a double Figurado type: a cigar that has a "non-standard" shape, opposite to the Parejos that is a cigar of a standard shape with a uniform body, straight sides, a rounded top and a flat bottom. In other words, all cigars that are not Parejo are Figurado. There are no restrictions on the form of a Figurado. They were very popular before the Cuban Revolution of the 1950s. However, this type of cigar lost popularity and quickly became obsolete in the 1970s. Habanos decided to revive this cigar by creating the brand Cuaba on 19 November 1996 and integrated its production at the Romeo y Julieta’s factory.

The advantage of this module lies in the fact that the smoker decides himself where to cut the cigar head. The foot of the cigar, also sharpened, facilitates the ignition.

The double figurados, by the complexity of their construction, are the ultimate level of the Torcedor's art.

At first, Cuaba offered only small vitolas. However in 2003, three large vitolas integrated its catalog: the Distinguidos (52 x 162 mm), the Salomón (57 x 184 mm) and the Diadema (55 x 233 mm, discontinued in 2013). Thus, the current production of Cuaba consists of five cigars rolled according to the tradition "Totalmente a Mano con Tripa Larga" with a long filler made of tobacco leaves from the region of Vuelta Abajo.

CUABA 20 Aniversario Humidor - 50 cigars
Vitola: Joffres Grandes (56 x 170 mm)

(Piece from our private collection)

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