Montecristo Open Décimo Aniversario

A limited edition that celebrates the 10th anniversary of the line “Open”!

Décimo Aniversario is a new Montecristo’s limited edition that celebrates the 10th anniversary of the popular Open line.

The Open line was introduced in 2009 to offer a tobacco blend full of rich and delicate flavours for occasional smokers and aficionados.

The Montecristo Open are made from leaves coming from the Vuelta Abajo. The line is composed of four vitolas, each offering all the essence of the distinctive Montecristo flavor. Thus, Eagle (Robusto Extra, 54 x 150 mm), Regata (Small Pyramid, 46 x 135 mm), Master (Robusto, 50 x 124 mm) and Junior (Short Panetela, 38 x 110 mm) meet the needs of all Montecristo lovers who enjoy pleasures of outdoor life.

The launch of the line was very important, and even led to an official golf tournament in May 2009, the Montecristo Cup in Havana.

The chosen vitola for this limited edition is the Open Master. Their particularity is that they have been aged for 8 years in the best storage conditions. Thanks to this maturation, the wrapper of the cigars has become darker and the blend has acquired a wonderful roundness, thus offering a memorable and rewarding tasting experience.

To emphasize an exceptional character of these cigars, they are dressed with a golden double band, placed on the cigar’s foot. The cigars are arranged in an elegant box covered with a green lacquer in the colors of the line. Each box contains 15 Open Master.

The production of Montecristo Open Décimo Aniversario is limited to 2,000 boxes only, all reserved exclusively for the Spanish market.

About the brand:

Montecristo is the most famous and perhaps the most popular Habanos brand in the world. It is considered by many as the reference flavor of Habanos. Its name is associated with the novel “The Count of Monte Cristo” by Alexandre Dumas. At that time this novel was quite popular among Torcedor Masters of the H. Upmann factory in Havana that later became also in charge of Montecristo cigars production.

Today, Montecristo offers a wide variety of formats and presentations, thus meeting all the needs of cigar lovers. The historic range consists of an assortment of vitolas numbered from No.1 to No.5.

MONTECRISTO Open Décimo Aniversario - Box of 15
Vitola: Robusto (50 x 124 mm)

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