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Grauer Event

Private evening organized for Rexluxa

Thursday 21th March 2019 - 06:00 PM to 09:00 PM

The House of Grauer is pleased to welcome Rexluxa for a private evening to present a unique diamond in the world.

About Rexluxa:

Rexluxa, an international diamond dealer that operates in several capitals around the world, animates a confidential evening on the diamond and its patrimonial assets: certifications, quality, guarantees, international value, origin, rarity, investment, diversification, transmission, availability, confidentiality, simplicity, prestige, and emotion ...


> Rexluxa website



6 PM to 7 PM

  • Presentation of the company "Rexluxa" by its experts and representatives of the general and commercial management of Asia and Europe.

7 PM to 9 PM

Wine tasting

  • Champagne Brut Rexluxa

Spirit tasting

  • Rhum Depaz - 11 years - Single Cask - 2003

Cigar tasting

  • Partagas - Coronas Gordas Añejados 2007

  • Some culinary selections will accompany the tasting.



Parking P+R Étoile à proximité.

Photos et vidéos

Notre photographe officiel sera à votre disposition et le seul autorisé à prendre des photos / vidéos / enregistrements durant l'évènement.

Données personnelles

Vos données sont confidentielles.