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Grauer Event

Tasting evening for Cognac, Caviar & Cigar

Thursday 08th November 2018 - 06:00 PM to 09:00 PM

The House of Grauer offers a “Cognac LOUIS XIII and Kasperskian Caviar “with Life” evening.

Discovery and tasting of two exclusive and unique products:

The Caviar Kasperskian “Caviar with Life”:

For millions of years, the Rhône has been the natural habitat for sturgeons in Switzerland, before the construction of dams.
Kasperskian House is very proud to have brought this species back to life in its ancestral region.
Sturgeons naturally produce their Caviar during their long, healthy life, not once but on many occasions.

LOUIS XIII Cognac by Rémy Martin:

From London to Versailles, from Shanghai to Washington, from Moscow to the Empire of Siam, LOUIS XIII marked the great mythical voyages and the royal dinners of this world.
Served in the bar car of the iconic Orient-Express or aboard the Concorde, at the banquet of Queen Elizabeth at Versailles,
this exceptional cognac has traveled around the world many times since his first expeditions in the late 1870s.



6 pm to 9 pm

- Caviar Kasperskian "With Life - Premium Selection", Presentation and Tasting by
Mr. Frederic Cherpin "Head of Sales".

- LOUIS XIII Cognac, Presentation and Tasting by
Mr. Alexandre Peyraud "brand Ambassador".

Cigar Tasting

Punch - Classicos - Regional Edition – Suiza - 2011

Some culinary selections will accompany the tasting




Parking P+R Étoile à proximité.

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