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Grauer Event

Tasting evening for the Cognac estate "Cognac Grosperrin – La Gabare"

Thursday 05th April 2018 - 06:00 PM to 09:00 PM

House of Grauer offers a tasting evening of the Cognac estate “Grosperrin – La Gabare”.

Cognac producers tend to keep their brandies in their wine cellars for ten years before selling them.
Some of these winemakers, by tradition and because they have the opportunity, keep each year a portion of their harvest that they will age much longer, and that they will sell 20, 30 or 50 years later to the highest bidder .
For other families, it is a duty not to sell and transmit from one generation to the next some barrels, sometimes of historically significant years, such as 1914 or 1944, or which testify to a major family event in the history of the family or an inheritance.



6 pm to 6.30 pm

History of the estate by Mr. Guilhem Grosperrin, “Chai Master and Time Keeper”

6.30 pm to 9 pm

Spirits tasting

Cognac Grosperrin – Grande Champagne N°24 – 1924 (1cl)

Cognac Grosperrin – Borderie N°48 – 1948 (1cl)

Cognac Grosperrin – Borderie N°64 – 1964 (1cl)

Cognac Grosperrin – Borderie N°28 – 1928 (1cl)

Cognac Grosperrin – Rare Cognac – 1835 (1cl)

Cigars tasting

H.Upmann – Robusto – Edicìon Limitada 2012

Partagas – Salomones (CDH)


Some culinary selections will accompany the tasting.


Price: CHF 210.- / Resident's guest: CHF 160.- / Grauer Resident: CHF 105.-
To ensure your comfort the number of places are limited to 15 participants.
Thank you for confirmi
ng your attendance before Tuesday April 3rd 2018.

*Mandatory fields

Event conditions and access


P+R Etoile parking is at 100 meters from event.

Photos and videos

Our official photographer will be at your disposal. He is the only authorized photographer to take pictures / videos during the event.

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All data are confidential.