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Grauer Event

Tasting evening of Clos Saint-Vincent wines

Thursday 27th June 2019 - 06:00 PM to 09:00 PM

"Clos Saint-Vincent Estate, Bellet says thank you"


The House of Grauer invites you to a tasting evening of the wines from Clos Saint-Vincent wine estate.

About Clos Saint-Vincent:


In spring 1993 the Sicardi and Sergi families acquired the property of Clos Saint-Vincent.

Renovation of the winery started with the extension of the vineyards. Today the estate comprises 6 hectares, all of which are cultivated with a rigorous respect to the environment. The axe of production is set on the quality of grapes and the implementation of biodynamics and biological culture.


All the preparations, either of herbal, animal or mineral origin, as for example, a nettle tea, a manure or piled silica, are applied in accordance with the lunar calendar. Moreover, there are zero chemicals used.


The wines of Clos Saint Vincent are characteristic of the south of France. This antic wine estate has its own PDO since 1941.

Thanks to its favorable location, this winery enjoys both a sea breeze and a fresh wind from southern pre-Alps. The uniqueness of the site is based on its terroir and on the choice of grape varieties, such as Rolle, Braquet or Folle Noire.


Website Clos Saint-Vincent



6 PM to 7 PM

  • Presentation of Clos Saint-Vincent estate by Mr. Gio Sergi, co-owner and winemaker, in partnership with our importer Le Millésime.


7 PM to 9 PM

Wines tasting

  • Vino Di Gio - Red - 2014
  • Vino Di Gio - White - 2015
  • Le Clos - Rose -2014
  • Le Clos - White - 2017

Cigar tasting

  • Some culinary selections will accompany the tasting.



Parking P+R Étoile à proximité.

Photos et vidéos

Notre photographe officiel sera à votre disposition et le seul autorisé à prendre des photos / vidéos / enregistrements durant l'évènement.

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