To push open the door of the Cigar Lounge is to taste the ultimate pleasure of a timeless voyage: a pleasure reserved for the initiated alone. Step into this exceptional space where flavors and aromas accompany you in a moment of relaxation. Allow your imagination to run free. Beside you, seated in a leather armchair, Hemingway sipping aged rum and pounding at his typewriter, is a silent witness to this sublime moment. In the distance, the fountain murmurs prose from Pablo Neruda, back from a rewarding trip to Cuba. Above, ceiling fans count slowly the passing of time while cooling the humidity of the plants that adorn the understated yet ornate wood paneling. And if Korda's photo capture your attention, surrender to the intoxicating sensation of freedom in this unique moment. Resting on a walnut counter, two generations of coffee machines await the release of the rich aromas of freshly ground coffee beans. Now, choose the liqueur that inspires you most, to heighten the pleasure of your cigar. You are at home. Here, you are writing History.


You can host your own private event at the House of Grauer, which will become your exclusive domain for the space of a few hours. Your guests will be able to appreciate a place otherwise known only to cigar aficionados, while you will be able to offer them an exciting new experience.

Our highly skilled and experienced team can help you organize your very special event. The space offers many possibilities. Its strong identity and discreet luxury are the hallmarks of excellence.