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Grauer Event

THE HOUSE OF GRAUER vous invite à l'exposition "A view to the world in 1m per 1m"

Vendredi 09 novembre 2018 - 17h00 à 20h00


The ceremony will be followed by a reception with music and a display of Cuban culture.


About the exhibition:

The painting exhibition consists of artworks by Havana-born Cuban artist Mrs. Dayami Hayek, who currently resides in Lausanne. Her paintings represent a variety of social issues facing our world, including women’s rights, and human rights, the environment, diversity, disarmament, access to resources, and youth.

The opening of the exhibition will consist of a cultural evening at the exhibition space, in order to guests to view the artworks, as well as experience tastes of Cuban culture. This will include food, drinks (rum tasting), a display of Cuban cigars, and background music played by a small group of local musicians. The group, called “Lily Moré y Soneroson", includes the musicians Lidiana Larrinaga Moré from Havana (singer and dancer, who explores several musical styles, from gospel to salsa, soul and sound), Luis Aballe, of Holguin in Cuba (pianist and percussionist), Stivens Carvajal (multi-percussionist) and Dimitrios Christopoulos, from Greece (bassist).


Due to limited seating, ALL attendees are kindly requested to register.

To register, please click here

Please bring a photo identification with you. No parking available for non-accredited vehicles. Palais des Nations - 8-14, Avenue de la paix - Geneva 10. 
Entry: Pregny Gate

For more information contact us at +41 22 552 2799


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