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Hoyo De Monterrey "Le Hoyo du Gourmet"

Hoyo de Monterrey is first and foremost the story of a land, in a lost corner or “hole” of the Cuban West. It is to say this since the literal translation of the word "hoyo" is precisely "hole". By extension, it is in fact a valley in this mountainous region of Vuelta Abajo, which is where the best cigar tobacco in the world is produced.

The main character was a Spanish native of Tarragona in Catalonia called José Gener y Batet. He arrived in Cuba one fine morning in 1831 at the age of 13 to work with his uncle, who operated a tobacco plantation called "La Majagua" with which he produced cigarillos of the same name for the local market.

Driven by his ambition in 1850, he founded a cigar factory in Havana, then created the brand "La Escepcion" for the American market. From there, the development proceeded at a frantic pace. The success of the brand "La Escepcion" allowed him to acquire a farm in Vuelta Abajo in 1860, named "Hoyo de Monterrey" whose gate can still be seen today. But it was only five years later that he created the brand of the same name. Unlike "La Escepcion", the cigars "Hoyo de Monterrey" are softer and subtle, intended for the English market. Zino Davidoff will come to choose this factory to make his Cuban cigars.

This month we present an old cigar, even forgotten, which nevertheless was very successful in the early 60s for decades.

This cigar is very well presented in its box, the bundle of 25 cigars gives off a beautiful chocolate smell announcing a very rounded cigar. The extremely long and thin Palmas or Slim Panatella of 33x170mm is dressed with a beautiful Colorado cap perfectly applied on this vitola.

At first, the smell of chocolate is confirmed, as well as woody touches.

Surprisingly, the whole box is very well rolled, we could expect many defects on this kind of box but no, a beautiful feeling of surprise before giving life to this cigar.
The first puffs are discreet, pleasant but not too bright. The first third is quite lively, giving peppery notes almost spicy and a fruity flavor brings balance to this entry.
The second third, is wiser more greedy with its honeyed flavors. A great flexibility develops, it is really superb during this long soft part. Gourmet has never had more meaning than in the second third!
The last third becomes a bit bitter but without any aggressiveness . The earthy note is less impactful and this appears normal in view of this size vitola.

In conclusion, a beautiful module, atypical that we hope will delight some nostalgia among some and enthusiasm for others!

HOYO DE MONTERREY «Le Hoyo du Gourmet» - Boxe of 25: CHF 250.- (CHF 10.-/ST)

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