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Chantal Comte

The Lady of rum.

Chantal Comte was born in Morocco, a country of perfumes, flavors and spices; all of which, according to her, has contributed to her passion for tasting culture. Completely novice in the world of wine or even that of rum, she decided to turn to viticulture and acquired the Domaine du Chateau de la Tuilerie in Nîmes. She learned the craft by passing time with the great winemakers of the region.

As her family has been living in the West Indies for more than fifty years, she was introduced to rum by two great local specialists: André Depaz, owner of the Depaz distillery, and his collaborator and friend Paul Hayot, great distiller of Martinique. Together with them, she tasted exceptional wines, incredible vintages, treasures that distillers used to keep for themselves. It was also an opportunity to learn manufacturing secrets and the history of rum. It was a great revelation for her.

Fascinated by rum’s impressive aromatic palette, Chantal Comte became an independent bottler and now travels around world distilleries in search of the best rums. Looking for high quality and respecting the product, she signs her blends and highlights the expertise of the distillers with whom she works and whom she respects and admires.

Chantal Comte’s productions have done a lot to popularize rum in France. She also led pedagogical work for starred chefs to give rum the importance it deserves. Today, her pride is the contribution she made in changing the approach to rum and introducing rums of exception.

She was also one of the first people to bottle rums at their "natural" degree when out of the cask.
"When I think it's just perfect, it should stay that way; that's why the degrees on my bottles are not traditional: why reduce to 50% Vol if I find it perfect at 54, 6% Vol?"

This rum lady is now completely dedicated to her job of selecting exceptional rums, which she has been practicing for thirty years, travelling with the hope to find the "rare pearl"...

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