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Santiago de Cuba

The rum tradition of Cuba.

The Santiago de Cuba rum is distilled by Cuba Ron in the eponymous coastal city, the land of flavors and colors, where miscegenation is a singular expression. This society owes its existence to the nationalization of Bacardi and Matusalem distilleries in 1960 by the revolutionary government.

Located south of the island, Santiago de Cuba has become known as the cradle of light rum in 1862, when the founding masters discovered that rum could be a light and sweet liqueur.

The Santiago de Cuba Rum is above all the result of a work carried out by the masters and workers in the ancient distilleries of the region which, after the triumph of the revolution, became owners of the facilities. This rum embodies the highest expression of the Cuban rum tradition. It is unique thanks to its authenticity, the quality of its aromas and the delicacy of the flavors it releases. A kind of liquid synthesis of Cuban culture.

The production of rum in Cuba is very controlled, and benefits from its own AOC label, the Denominación de Origen Protegida (DOP). Moreover, each bottle of Santiago bears the emblematic green state seal, which can also be found on the boxes of Habanos.

All rums in the range are made and bottled in Santiago de Cuba. The one we present today, the "Extra Añejo 12 years", was, according to legend, Fidel Castro's favorite rum. Developed by the master distillers with current technology and respect for tradition, it appears as the result of a magical synergy. It has also been rewarded several times for its quality in trade fairs such as Expo Caribe and Alimexpo.

The rum Santiago de Cuba 12 years has benefited, as its name indicates, of an aging of at least 12 years in oak barrels after its distillation. It is during this aging that it acquires its beautiful brown colour with red touches.

The olfactory senses detect pleasant sweet, woody and spicy hints along with flavors of tobacco, smoke, exotic fruits and caramel, these aromas being on the whole enjoyably mild. On the palate spicy notes, perceived earlier on the nose, take over sweet ones. Then a woody touch reveals before moving into a subtle dryness from fruits. The final offers some smoky notes. This dry but sweet rum is very savoury and will accompany perfectly your next cigar tasting.

RUM SANTIAGO DE CUBA - Extra Añejo 12 years old - Bottle of 70 cl - Public price: CHF 65.-

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