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Corona No.3 Typewriter

The only psychiatrist Hemingway submitted to.

The Corona No.3 typewriter was designed in 1912 by L.C. Smith & Corona. Presented at that time as the first "personal typewriter", it has revolutionized the world’s perception towards this writing tool. Previously typewriters were considered as cast-iron accessories, bulky and impractical. This new generation typewriter weighs only 2.6 kg thanks to the use of aluminum and has a cylinder measuring 22 cm long. Another unique feature in the design of the Corona No.3 is its ability to "bend" in order to fit into its carrying case: the trolley was articulated and could tilt forward on the keyboard to become more compact.

This typewriter could be transported very easily and thus be used on a train or a plane or on the terrace of a Parisian cafe to write a novel. A revolution for the time! It also appealed to doctors and businessmen who could type documents and receipts while on a trip. Corona No.3 was so practical that it was chosen by the British Army during the First World War.

What is more, Elizabeth Hadley Richardson, Ernest Hemingway's first wife, offered him one in 1921, the year of their marriage. The American author was fond of his Corona No.3 and took it with him when leaving France in December 1921. This typewriter was used to write stories about Nick Adams and some poems. One of them, "Mitragliatrice", pays tribute to the Corona. That same year Ernest Hemingway declared that "The Corona #3 is the only psychiatrist I would ever submit to". Following this announcement, this portable typewriter immediately gained commercial success. Thus, more than 700,000 Corona No.3 have been produced in a span of 30 years.

Corona No.3 was the first writing instrument that the whole world fancied.

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