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Cohiba Lanceros

The cigar of Fidel Castro, Ernesto Guevara and all Cuban government officials!

The Cohiba Lanceros was officially launched in 1966 and is the first cigar of the brand Cohiba. However, its origins date back to 1963, when Bienvenido Pérez, a chief of Fidel Castro's personal post-revolution, offered him a "fuma" (a cigar rolled for personal use) rolled by his friend Torcedor, Eduardo Rivera, working at the factory La Corona in Havana.

Fidel Castro was immediately seduced by this cigar and asked the Torcedor to produce some more in order to offer them to the high-level national and foreign government officials and, of course, for his personal consumption. Thus, in 1964 a small cigar factory in the hinterland was established to take over the production of these cigars, which were in fact what would later become the Lanceros. In 1966, during a discussion between Bienvenido Pérez and his assistant, the word "Cohiba" was evoked to name this vitola. It pays a tribute to the Taïnos, Amerindian ethnic group that populated Cuba at the time of Christopher Columbus, and that was how they called the cigars they smoked. After that, the production of Cohiba cigars was transferred to an old diplomatic villa of the 1920s: El Laguito.

The Cohiba Lanceros is a Long Panetela (38 x 192 mm), also called Laguito No.1. It was named after the factory that has since become famous. The cigar’s size gives it a very elegant attire.

After cutting the cigar head which wears a "perilla", more commonly called a pigtail, we can light it. Delightful notes of honey, wood and fruits emerge quite rapidly. The smoke is not very ample but intense. The aromatic bouquet is rather full-bodied, at the same time the cigar offers nice overall sweetness. At the onset of the second third, there appear notes of spices. Wood is also more present. The smoke remains discreet. The last third brings balance to the aromatic bouquet and finishes with flavors of sweet spices and dominating cedar.

The draw is good despite that Lanceros is often an object of criticism. The origins of its criticism may come from the fact that it is made with large hygroscopic leaves of ligero and seco. These type of leaves, when young, tend to absorb the humidity of the air. In order to enjoy fully the magnificence of a Lanceros, minimum 5 years of aging are required, and 8 to 10 years will be ideal.

To sum up, an incredibly rich and elegant cigar.

COHIBA Lanceros - Box of 25 - Public price: CHF 945.- (or CHF 37.80/ST) / Grauer Resident price: CHF 708.80
Vitola: Laguito No.1 (38 x 192 mm)

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