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The Great Habano Factories

The history of sixteen major Habano factories.

Born in 1938 in Cuba, the author of the book "The Great Habano Factories" is none other than Adriano Martínez Rius. An economist and a specialist in marketing and finances, during fifteen years before his retirement he was an advisor to the Presidents of Cubatabaco and Habanos S.A. It allowed him to participate in the most important decisions of that decade of significant changes in the marketing and financing of Cubatabaco and later Habanos S.A in 1985 - 1995.

Cubatabaco is the company in charge of all steps of cigar production, from growing tobacco to packaging and delivering vitolas. Its subsidiary Habanos S.A, founded in 1994, is exclusively in charge of worldwide sales and marketing, with the exception of the United States.

In 1999 Adriano Martínez Rius began his career as a writer publishing his first book "Habano the King" (Habano el Rey) in Spanish and English. He then continued in 2003 contributing to Min Ron Nee's legendary "Illustrated Encyclopedia of post-revolution Havana Cigars". The latter has also become a rare piece, very coveted by cigar lovers!

With his latest book, The Great Habano Factories, Adriano Martínez Rius offers an excellent historical summary of major sixteen Habanos factories and their brands. The selected factories have been at the origin of Habano’s tradition and its global importance as a product embodying Cuban identity.

This tome is abundantly illustrated with photographs and lithographic images. A careful reading reveals an enormous amount of scrupulous work undertaken by the author to find out all the details about the ownership and location of these historic factories. The book is both an illustrative reference and an exceptional documentary.

It is composed of three parts: the first one describes the history of Cuban cigars from their beginning to the Cuban revolution. The second part is dedicated to the history of sixteen Habano factories such as: H.Upmann, Real Fábrica of Tabacos Partagás, El Laguito and Romeo y Julieta, to name the most famous ones. And, finally, the last part explains establishment and development of the tobacco industry in the different provinces of the island.

The Great Habano Factories is for Habano fans and lovers a valuable contribution to the knowledge of the cigar industry "Hecho in Cuba".

THE GREAT HABANO FACTORIES - Book available in English - Public price: CHF 75.- / Grauer Resident price: CHF 71.30

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