Bolívar Silver Jubilee Edición Regional Hong Kong 2017

The first cigar to have an "Exclusivo Hong Kong" band!

For the first time since 2005 (when the first regional edition was launched and before the announcement of the Punch Sir David last year, the Bolívar Silver Jubilee was the first cigar to have an "Exclusivo Hong Kong" band.

The expression "Silver Jubilee" is used when talking about the twenty-fifth anniversary of a special event. The phrase was borrowed to name a new regional edition celebrating the 25th anniversary of Pacific Cigar Company, the exclusive distributor of Habanos S.A. in Asia-Pacific.

Presented at a gala dinner organized by Pacific Cigar Company in 2017, the Bolívar Silver Jubilee arrived on the market two years later, in 2019. The chosen vitola is a Gordito con Cabeza Tumbada, otherwise known as Robusto Extra (50 x 141 mm). To be consistent with the theme, this regional edition is marketed in cabinets containing 25 cigars. Production is limited to 2,500 individually numbered cabinets destined for the Asia-Pacific region.

In parallel, another cigar celebrating this anniversary was presented: Ramón Allones Silver Jubilee, also Edición Regional 2017 but this time having an "Exclusivo Asia Pacifico" band.

About the brand:

The Bolívar brand was founded in 1902 by a Spanish entrepreneur based in Havana. His goal was to pay tribute to one of the great historical figures of the nineteenth century: Simón Bolívar. A prominent general and a South American politician, he made a huge contribution to the liberation of South American countries under Spanish rule.

Bolívar cigars are among the strongest and most full-bodied Habanos. They thus embody particularly well the strong personality of its hero. Endowed with an incomparable richness of flavors, the Bolívar vitolas are among the most popular with experienced smokers.

Based since its beginnings at the Partagas factory in the heart of Havana, the Bolívar brand enjoys very high quality and consistency in its production. Today, due to the increase in demand, all Bolivar cigars are no longer manufactured at the Partagás factory, but it is still the main factory of the brand.

All Bolivar cigars are made "Totalmente a Mano con Tripa Larga" with a long filler made of tobacco leaves from the region of Vuelta Abajo.

Bolívar is undoubtedly the brand of choice for aficionados looking for intense flavors.

BOLÍVAR Silver Jubilee Edición Regional Hong Kong 2017 – Cabinet of 25
Vitola: Gordito con Cabeza Tumbada (50 x 141 mm)

(Part from our private collection)

2019-05-13 11:09