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Grauer Event

Lebanese evening

Thursday 20th June 2019 - 06:00 PM to 09:00 PM

"The cradle of Bacchus"


The House of Grauer invites you to a tasting evening of Lebanese wines.

The land of the cedars has been producing wine since the dawn of time, it has always been a modest production, however, the number of wineries has multiplied by four in fifteen years.

Today Lebanon has between 2500 and 3000 hectares of vines, 90% of which are located in the Bekaa plain, also called "The cradle of Bacchus".

The city of Byblos, whose splendid archaeological site dominates the sea, bears witness to this rich past. There, around 3000 BC, the Phoenicians traded wine thanks to their powerful fleet which carried it to Europe. The Roman temple dedicated to Bacchus, in the city of Baalbek, north of the plain of Bekaa, is another illustration of the Lebanese wine history. Moreover, Hugh Johnson in his book "The Story of Wine" (Hachette, 1989) describes excavations in Byblos of 10 000 years old grape seeds, dating back to the Neolithic era.



6 PM to 7 PM

  • Presentation of Lebanese wines by Mr. Jérôme Sonney, Sales Manager at SAME SA, our importer.


7 PM to 9 PM

Wine tasting

  • Château Musar - White - 2008
  • Château Ksara Cabernet-Sauvignon - Red - 2014
  • Château Musar Château - Red - 2006
  • Château Kefraya Comte de M - Red - 2012
  • Château Kefraya Cuvée Myst - Rosé - 2017

Cigar tasting

  • Bolívar Byblos - Edición Regional Líbano 2016

  • Some culinary selections will accompany the tasting.



Parking P+R Étoile à proximité.

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Notre photographe officiel sera à votre disposition et le seul autorisé à prendre des photos / vidéos / enregistrements durant l'évènement.

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